Welcome to Steppin’wolf Irish Wolfhounds!!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Steppin’wolf Irish Wolfhounds! We love our wolfies and everyone of them is a unique part of our family.  To quote my sister Jonette, “We believe that Irish Wolfhounds flourish in an environment where they can be part of a family.”  All of our dogs live their lives as a family member and the same is true for the puppies we breed.   If you own a Steppin’wolf hound then you and your dogs become part of our family, for life!

Through the years our family has grow to include many dogs and people, but our basic beliefs have not changed.  We still believe what Jonette said years ago, “all dogs deserve to be loved and cherished. They should be hugged on, played with, laughed at, and cried over at the end. Our dogs make our lives more joyful and we hope we do the same for them.   An Irish Wolfhound is not for every household. They are expensive to feed, expensive to vet and expensive to buy, but they will move into your heart and stretch those long legs until there is no room for doubt that you've joined the ranks of the besotted” and we are definately among the ranks of the besotted.

Jonette left this world three years ago, but the heart of Steppin’wolf Irish Wolfhounds is alive and well with Donna, Dearil, our grandson Deval, Amber & Jessie Holmes and the rest of the Steppin’wolf family around the US.  Thank you all for your part in the lives of our hounds and for helping us as we continue to live Jonette’s dream of loving our gentle giants.


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Oh Joy

and Happy Birthday to Steppin'wolf's Leap Litter


For the last week I've been running back and forth to the vet with our girl Lizzie .  Blood work on Wednesday, Friday, & Monday.  Drive to Tulsa on Tuesday, then more blood work on Wednesday morning, back to the vet again on Friday.  And we still have to go back on Saturday morning, too!  Why you ask?  Puppies, that's why!!!

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Puppies are coming

Good news for everyone who has been asking about babies. Lizzie is in season and we are making plans to head to Tulsa to meet her fellow!

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Our beloved girl Rosie left this
world on September 13, 2013.

For those of you who don't know, September 13th was Jonette's birthday, so she got a very nice present early this morning. Rosie came to be with her and I know there was a great celebration at the bridge. Rosie was probably asking, "Where's the food?" and Jonette was commenting on Rosie's bad behavior and laughing the whole time. Jonette and Rosie always....r

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